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The new feature will be the next big thing

The new feature will be the next big thing

The new WhatsApp feature is causing great anticipation

Since 2009, Brazil has never been the same because WhatsApp , With the platform that got everyone “hooked”. in the same year, It has also been launched in the United States. After India, the country ranks second in the world in terms of the number of active accounts on the app.

currently 147 million users “zap zap” All over the national territory according to official information from the messaging platform.

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The platform is always improving, introducing new features for its users. It is currently possible to make payments, video chat, voice call, exchange photos and videos, exchange messages, update status, among many facilities.

However, with the beta update for Android users, there is a new feature that is already causing a lot of expectations according to information from WABetaInfo, the main source regarding testing of messaging app features.

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The new feature will be for groups, allowing users to open a voice chat. a WhatsApp An updated version for Windows. This means that it contributes to an increase in the ability of people to make calls, that is, through 32 simultaneous incidental calls and 8 video calls.

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How will the new feature work?

The feature launched at the top of the conversationwhere it will be visible to all users of the WhatsApp, already thinking about his arrival in the final version. It is worth noting that everything is experimental because it is still in the testing phase.

On the side of the camera, being the shortcut that enables us to make video calls, there is an icon of a sound wave, a voice conversation appears there, or an audio channel in plain English.

according to WhatsAppThere is still no other information about its operation, not even an official date for the new feature, but it is already causing great expectations among its users who are looking forward to the news.

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