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The National Science and Technology Week begins on Thursday with lectures, a project exhibition and a robotics exhibition – Government of Paraiba

The National Science and Technology Week begins on Thursday with lectures, a project exhibition and a robotics exhibition – Government of Paraiba

The National Science and Technology Week (SNCT) starts on Thursday (23) in João Pessoa. The event continues until Saturday (25th) from one in the afternoon until six in the evening in the Cultural Space, and entry is free. The Week will be held by the Government of Paraíba, through the State Secretariat of Science, Technology, Innovation and Higher Education (Departments), in partnership with the City of João Pessoa, lectures, thematic panels, exhibitions of projects and products, as well as a robotics exhibition.

In this edition, the theme of SNCT is “Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development” and its goal is to popularize science through innovative means that arouse curiosity and stimulate the population to discuss the social implications of science, as well as deepen their knowledge of the subject. .


Four lectures will be promoted by department on Thursday and Friday from two in the afternoon until four in the afternoon. On the first day, Diana Rifaati and Lamarck Rocha, both from the National Institute of the Semi-Arid (Insa), will speak on the topic of SNCT. Next, Andre Agra, from the State Audit Office (TCE), will address the topic “Sustainable Cities”.

The topic of the panel on Friday will be “Publicizing Science,” with lectures by Professors Pedro Estrella, of the UFPB’s Department of Systematics and Ecology, and Merlaide Dantas López, of the UFPB’s Department of Physics.

On Saturday, also from 2 pm to 4 pm, the “Geopaint Workshop – Library of Soil Experiments” will be held, taught by Calin Almeida Alves Carneiro, from INSA.

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The robotics exhibition will be held during the three days of National Science and Technology Week. There will be 14 teams of students who will present their work, showcasing different projects: the Smart Bucket; Robot nurse; Robonoid: Robot that teaches; multidisciplinary response vehicle; Getting to know Brazil through robots; Assisting the blind with artificial intelligence; Immersive robotics – learning with sounds and rhymes; eclipse; Earthquake simulation. Joining colors. An interactive robot equipped with artificial intelligence to assist in school robotics; Eco-friendly waste: an innovative approach to promoting sustainability; Intelligent mobility and innovative independence. In addition to the demonstrations, the teams will also explain to visitors how to build the robots.

In the Departmental Pavilion, the public will be able to learn more about the Secretariat’s partnerships and the projects funded by the State Government through the Paraíba State Research Support Foundation (Fapesq-PB) and the Bingo radio telescope project, one of the major projects of its kind in the world that will be installed in the municipality of Aguiar. The pavilion will also be a common area during the three intensive days of National Science and Technology Week.

Snicket – The National Science and Technology Week – SNCT – was established by decree of June 9, 2004. It is promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, through the General Coordination for the Popularization and Dissemination of Science – CGPC and with the cooperation of the state, municipal administrations, development agencies, scientific and cultural spaces, teaching and research institutions and scientific associations. schools, government agencies, technology-based companies and civil society entities.

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Its goal is to bring science and technology closer to the population, and to promote events that bring together institutions in order to carry out scientific publishing activities throughout the country.