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Minister Luciana Santos announces measures to promote racial equity in science — Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Minister Luciana Santos announces measures to promote racial equity in science — Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

On Monday (20), the Black Awareness Day, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) announced a set of measures to promote equal opportunities in Brazilian science. These measures are part of the second racial equality package launched by the federal government in Palacio do Planalto.

“In science, unequal access to scholarships, research and career advancement goes beyond the damage to the equal rights and opportunities we stand for. It is a question of excellence,” said Minister Luciana Santos. “The loss of the talent of black and brown researchers is losing the country.” Also, the diversity of viewpoints enriches its scientific production.

Among the initiatives is the Chamada Beatriz Nascimento, which will allocate doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships abroad to black, Roma, quilombola and indigenous women. The notification is a partnership between MCTI, the Ministry of Women, the Ministry of Racial Equality and the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples and represents an investment of R$6 million, of which R$2 million from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The call aims to expand the academic path of black, indigenous, quilombola and Roma women by expanding access to scholarships, in addition to contributing to cooperation with foreign research centers and universities and promoting internationalization, science and technology.


Another highlight was the Girls and Women in Science announcement, which provides 30% of scholarships to Black or Indigenous girls. With an investment of R$100 million, the call seeks to encourage the entry and training of girls and women in exact sciences, engineering and computing. The Minister explained, “It is necessary to strengthen the tools available to us and move forward in building and implementing mechanisms capable of democratizing and ensuring the participation of women, on a permanent basis, in research and development environments.”

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Furthermore, in a joint initiative with the Rio Branco Institute, MCTI will support the Affirmative Action for Diplomacy Program grant, which seeks to encourage the participation of Black and people of color in diplomatic life. The goal is to expand access to employees at the Department of State by awarding scholarship awards to cover preparatory studies for the Diplomatic Career Admissions Competition.

President Lula stressed, during the ceremony, that “what we have done here today is to repay a historical debt that white supremacy has accumulated in this country since its discovery, and we only want to restore what is the reality of a democratic society.” .

“Our mission is to ensure that government policies reinforce the country’s commitment to a less unequal society. Confronting racism means confronting inequality and social exclusion,” Minister Agnie Franco added.