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The most powerful laser ever developed by the US is unveiled

The most powerful laser ever developed by the US is unveiled

Scientists at the University of Michigan in the United States have developed one of them Lasers The most powerful and fastest in the world. system Laser The Zetawatt Equivalent Ultrashort Pulse (ZEUS) is a light amplification device that will aid research in aerospace, electronics, national defense, quantum physics and medicine, and is being explored as a way to treat cancer.


The technology will provide a new perspective on the behavior of particles and matter in a physical state called plasma, say the astrophysicists and engineers responsible for the project.

Watch a demo video below:

Powerful laser

According to the researchers, ZEUS will emit an ultra-short pulse of 25 femtoseconds, or 25 seconds divided by one quadrillion. First, the beams Laser Only 1% of their total power, or 30 terawatts out of 3,000.

says Carl Kruschelnick, director of the Center for Ultra-Fast Optical Science at the University of Michigan. Laser The highest peak power in the United States and one of the most powerful organizations in the world.

oh Laser It is not patented, so it is available to researchers around the world. “We look forward to growing the research community and bringing people together with new ideas for experiments and applications,” says Krushelnik.

First use Laser Coordinated by Franklin Dollar, Professor of Astronomy and Physics at the University of California – Irvine (UCI) for research purposes. His team of researchers is looking for alternative sources of X-rays that don’t emit as much radiation as conventional equipment.

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ZEUS will be used to release pulses Laser Infrared rays are directed at a sample of helium gas, turning it into a plasma, which accelerates electrons to higher energy levels. These electron beams travel around producing very compact pulses of X-rays,” the University of Michigan explains in a statement.

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By the end of 2023, the expectation is that ZEUS will be able to contribute with complex and large-scale experiments to efforts such as data security, nuclear weapons detection and medical diagnostics.

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