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The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation promotes dialogue with the Federal Education Institutes

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation promotes dialogue with the Federal Education Institutes


the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Luciana SantosReceived, Thursday, (26) deans and representatives National Council of Institutions of the Federal Network for Vocational, Scientific and Technological Education (Conif). During the meeting, the President of Conif, Claudio Alex Jorge da Rocha, defended dialogue with the ministry and the establishment of partnerships. The minister stressed the importance of the work carried out by the network of federal institutes and centers for technological education, which brings together diverse knowledge in more than 600 units across the country.


“This network revolutionized there. You Federal institutes It was a major revolution in terms of quality and scope in the uptake of education in the country,” Luciana Santos assesses. “The MCTI He added that his doors are open to establish a permanent flow of dialogue to help with this great, but noble challenge, as it changes people’s lives.

“We need a dialogue with MCTI To build public policies and improve infrastructure,” added the Conif president.

internal assimilation – The President of the Federal Institute of Sertão Pernambucano (IF Sertão-PE), Leopoldina Camilo, drew attention to the assimilation of education and scientific research, a process promoted by the Federal Network, which leads to income generation and development.

We have reached regions that live on the fringes of the big centres. Today commented on 1.5 million students in the furthest places. “We need support MCTI So that there is scientific and technological development in the corners of that country. We have young people who are hungry to learn and change their reality.”

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Another highlight of the meeting was the promotion of science, which Dean Luciana Masucado, of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Brasília (IFB) spoke about. “We have a great capacity and we can help spread science, in large exhibitions, and bring workshops and prototypes to awaken science and encourage youth in an interactive way,” he said.