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What is the difference between astronomy and astrology?

What is the difference between astronomy and astrology?

Photo: Vedrana Filipovic/Unsplash/Reproduction

Aquarius season has begun and many questions come to mind. Have you thought about when Saturn enters Pisces? And this moon in Aries? If you don’t understand anything, don’t worry: many people don’t understand the difference and confuse everything when it comes to astronomy and astrology.

But it is important to know that these two terms mean different things, although they have common roots. People explain: Astronomy It is the study of the universe and everything that exists outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Astronomers study the motions, positions, and properties of stars. They tell us why the new planet was discovered in the neighboring galaxy It can be a “substitute” for Earth And explain What is the giant spot on the sun?For example.

the AstrologyOn the other hand, it attempts to decipher whether these attitudes, movements, and characteristics influence people and events on Earth. For many, it is a way to predict what is to come based on the positions of planets and constellations throughout the universe.

Science transformations

But it is important to say that for thousands of years, it has been the desire to improve astrology’s predictions that has motivated astrological observations and theories. Babylon was already studying the “mathematics of the stars” two thousand years before Christ.

At that time, the priests believed that their gods communicated with humans through the movement of the planets – and they also saw a harbinger in sheep’s livers. So Astrology followed as part of the mainstream science until the late seventeenth century.

Isaac Newton himself demonstrated some of the physical processes affecting celestial bodies. In doing so he showed how the laws of gravitation also applied to the motions of the Earth.

Coding field

But since then, astronomy has become a unique field where predictions of motion are not used as self-knowledge or to warn of financial crises and love disappointments, but rather to explore the universe through scientific methods.

Astrology, in turn, has become a hobby and a “pseudo-science”. But still, many see the twelve signs of the zodiac as a symbol of a person and a form of self-knowledge.

Millions of people around the world still turn to their predictions to expand their spirituality and get to know themselves better – and sometimes they try to predict what will happen in the future just by looking at the astrological transit.

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