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The Minister of Health monitors the transfer of patients on Sunday (11)

04/11/2021 19:46


04/11/2021 19:54

Written by Arematia Carvallo

The Minister of Health, Florentino Neto, announced that Barnepa Hospital, from Monday (12), will be ready to serve patients infected with Covid-19. Twenty clinical beds and 10 exclusive intensive care units were installed by Sesapi to treat the disease. The health unit is another extension of the Derso Arkverde State Hospital (HEDA).

“Since the beginning of the epidemic, the state government has implemented many measures to combat the disease in Barnepa. We implemented the Busca Ativa program, installed sanitary barriers, strengthened beds at HEDA, and opened Promédica,” Florentino recounts. The transfer of patients to the health unit has already begun on Sunday night (11).

Partnership with the mayor

To open the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Hospital, the second appendix of HEDA, Sesapi also installed an oxygen tank that would allow the hospital’s structure to be strengthened. “We are establishing the necessary partnerships, like this one with the municipality of Barnepa, so that we can progress more and more in the face of Covid-19. One of our first concerns was with regards to oxygen, as in some places there were crises because of the lack of that, and in order to be able to open it up we took Steps to install this tank. “

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