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The Minister confirms the expectation of assistance to Brazil in October

Citizenship Minister Ronaldo Pinto said the government intends to make October payments to Auxílio Brasil recipients, confirming rumors of an anticipation next month after failing to pay wages to families in early September.

The confirmation came early on Monday morning (19), during an interview with TV Brasil, where the minister said that the government held a conference to register beneficiaries this month regarding school enrollment and immunization, after which it intends to process the October payments.

“For the next month, the idea is always to improve the process, improve the payment process and anticipate what is possible, so that the family gets the benefit as quickly as possible. For the next month, for October, the idea is also to be in that process of updating and anticipate the paper” .

Ronaldo Pinto, Minister of Citizenship

The government’s idea would be to pay Auxílio Brasil’s payment from October to start on the 9th, resulting in a difference of only 20 days from the start of the September payments, a position his campaign re-election President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) hopes to improve his approval among beneficiaries for the second round of elections.

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early payment in october

Moreover, we already have recently reported that the Citizenship Department plans to make advance payments in October to the first two weeks of the month, however, the expectation will only occur if there is confirmation that it will be possible to make advance payments in all subsequent months, avoiding such situations a month, in that families will be 40 days without receipt.

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The first batch of payments took place last month, in August, the first month in which the R$600 premium was paid to the beneficiaries, as, given the approach of elections, the government set the payments that were due to start on the 9th of that month. Nineteenth day, in the second two weeks.

After that, Minister Citizenshipstated that the August forecast resulted from an improvement in the program payments system, and for this reason, the government intended to introduce transfers also in the following months, however, technical problems did not allow for the forecast in September, which frustrated the beneficiaries.

Brazilian aid calendar for September

Auxílio Brasil payments for the month of September officially started on Monday, according to the final number of the social registration number (NIS) for each beneficiary, and should continue until the 30th, at the end of the month, check:

  • 1 NIS Final – Sept. 19 (released on Saturday 17/9);
  • end of 2 shekels – receive benefits on September 20;
  • end of 3 shekels – September 21;
  • end of September 4 – 22;
  • 5 NIS Final – Receipt of Auxílio Brasil on September 23;
  • 6 NIS Final – September 26 (released Saturday 9/24);
  • end of September 7 – 27;
  • end of September 8 – 28;
  • end of 9 shekels – the amounts will be released on September 29;
  • End of 0 shekels – September 30.

In September, the number of families served will be 20.65 million, with a total investment of R$12.47 billion, an increase of R$370 million compared to August, when the Auxílio Brasil program served just over 20.2 million families with an average value of R$600, With a total federal government investment of 12.1 billion Rls.

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