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The Knowledge Fair works to spread science and encourage innovation in Ceará

The Knowledge Fair works to spread science and encourage innovation in Ceará

Starting this Thursday (30) and continuing until next Saturday (2), at the Ceara Event Center (CEC), the seventh edition of Knowledge Fair (FdC). This event is to disseminate science, technology, innovation and business that are already part of the Ceará calendar. With three days of programming, FdC brings together teachers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs and big names such as Zica Camargo, José Felipe Carneiro, Falcao and Ciencia M. Xu.. For the organization, this event is an opportunity to showcase what Ciara has produced in the field of science.

We have an invaluable wealth of scientific production in the country. We are known for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Knowledge Exhibition It is a show to show what our people have produced And also Generate a taste for science in all attendees,understand that We all practice science and it is present in everything“, says Sandra Montero, Head of the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Secitece).


Participants will have access to an extensive program that includes lectures, panel discussions, workshops and activities totaling more than 60 hours of free content. Registration can be done via the website www.feiradoconhecimento.com.br. With the topic Creativity beyond limitsJournalist, presenter and writer Zeca Camargo takes the stage at Knowledge Arena This Thursday at 7 p.m. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Zeca still has to attack from DJTaking advantage of the unusual appearance of the journalist in a video clip that spread on social media.

Addressing the theme of entrepreneurship and as a space to talk about business, on Friday (1 December) FdC welcomes Ambev partner, José Felipe Carneiro, with modern Sede de Vencer. Those who will also be present at the event are the group Science at the fairKnown for paving the way for scientific topics in popular programs, Contributing to the dissemination of science in various media. The band will perform on Saturday (December 2) at 2:30 pm, combining fun and interaction in a show suitable for all ages.

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With an aim to promote the gaming scene and eSports competitions in the state, FdC will have An exclusive arena for e-sports, encouraging integration between competitors. In partnership with União Cearense de Gamers (Uceg) and supported by Studio Games, E-Sports Arena will feature six categories: Bomba Patch, Leagues of Legends, Valorant, Street Fighter 6, Chess, and Just Dance. During the event there will also be Robotics Championshipactivity It targets primary, secondary, technical and higher education students from public and private institutionsEncouraging learning in the field of technology in a fun, enjoyable and team spirit way.

The event will also include business meetings in Arena Conexão, Ciência Itinerante and Ceará Faz Ciência in Arena Pop, virtual reality simulators in Arena Metagames and leadership topics in Arena Drones.

Ciara Awards

The program also includes Ceara Awards, an award that recognizes innovation players who contribute to leveraging and strengthening the innovation ecosystem across the state. Presented by comedian Falcao, this moment aims to attract and inspire more people to contribute to innovation at Ceará.


The seventh edition of the Knowledge Fair brings together a free program of lectures, workshops and activities totaling more than 60 hours of content. Topics such as startups, gaming, the metaverse, robotics, astronomy, factory culture, and more will be covered. It is implemented by the Government of Ceará, through Secitece and has major sponsorship from Brisanet, Banco do Nordeste and Sistema Fiec, through Sesi and Senai; Huge sponsorships from Funcap, Studio Games and Zeiss; And top sponsorships from Pixels, Supera, Super Geeks and Unifametro.

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The Knowledge Fair works to spread science and encourage innovation in Ceará

  • Date: from 11/30 to 12/02, at the Ceara Events Centre
  • Time: 2 pm to 9 pm
  • Registration is free through From this link.