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The James Webb Space Telescope keeps discovering galaxies

The James Webb Space Telescope keeps discovering galaxies

A scientist warned of the recent discoveries of James Webb Space Telescope. According to the specialist, the invention continues to discover places that should not be there, such as the first six galaxies found by the NASA telescope. Galaxies appear larger and more mature than they appear.

The recent discoveries build on research warned earlier, when scientists reported that galaxies are much more complex than they appear, and that they are as old as the Milky Way. A recently published science article confirmed this maturity in understanding how these galaxies formed.

The space telescope discovers new galaxies and the concept of creation could be changed

If science is not mistaken, it means that we know very little about the universe, said Mike Boylan-Colchin of Tequestas University, author of the article that studies unusual galaxies.

“We would ask for something very new about galaxy formation or a change in cosmology. One of the more extreme possibilities is that the universe was expanding faster immediately after the Big Bang than we expected, which would require new forces and particles,” lead researcher Mike said.

The article recently published in Nature Astronomy by Mike, with the name “ACDM stress test with candidates for high redshift galaxies,” proposed a concern for all of science. Information suggests that a dark energy model, known as ACDM, may exist.

It is normal for galaxies to convert 10% of their gas into stars, which has been said over the years. It turns out that the discovered galaxies are turning more of the aggregate into stars, and theories prove that possibility exists. Scientists were surprised, of course, because they never expected this.

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A deeper study of galaxies will be able to show us how they were created, what are their ages and how they are formed. If the new discoveries are confirmed, astronomy will need to change the concept of how galaxies appear.