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The international saga of "Genesis" overproduction begins - Prisma

The international saga of “Genesis” overproduction begins – Prisma

The super production Gênesis, shown daily on Standard Nights, is preparing to kick off an international career. According to the results, several countries agreed to present the series, which takes place in seven stages and gathers hundreds of actors, in addition to producers, directors and technicians. It is still shown here.

However, debuting on the largest Spanish-American broadcaster in the US can actually be considered a pretty calling card.

And this will happen soon in Univisión, which in turn resumes the exhibition of epic dramas.

Details: “Genesis” will be the only non-Spanish and English production to be presented by the channel, which will have many other novelties when it comes to drama.

Univisión is an American television broadcaster who broadcasts her programs in Spanish and is dedicated to the Hispanic American community in the USA.

Its network combines TV series, sports, hall programs, sitcoms and various shows as its main attractions.

It is the Spanish speaking channel with the largest audience in the world and its main competitor is Telemundo.

It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, but much of its programs are based out of Miami, Florida, with references to Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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