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Em entrevista, A$AP Rocky disse que Rihanna é a pessoa certa para ele

A $ AP Rocky Confirms Dating Rihanna: ‘Love of my life’ – Entertainment

A $ AP Rocky surprised fans by announcing himself publicly to Rihanna in an interview with GQ Magazine.

The rapper revealed that he was dating the musical star: “The love of my life is my wife.”

The two artists have been friends for years, sparking rumors of a relationship multiple times, but neither has spoken.

It’s much better when you are in a relationship, Rocky replied: “It’s much better. It’s so much better when you have the right person. Maybe there are a million other people. I think when you know, you know. She’s the sure person.”

Rihanna and the rapper traveled to Barbados in late 2020. The singer was born straight away, and Rocky also has an affiliation with the island, as his father is from there. He talked about the trip to GQ: “It was like coming home. It was crazy. I always imagined what it would be like for my father, before going to the US, and was able to visit these places. Believe it or not, I felt a bit of nostalgic for the past. He was foreign, but he was familiar.

The rapper still answered if he wanted to have children: “If that was in my destiny, sure. I think I’d be a great father.”

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