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The guy writes the book and publishes it within 3 days

The guy writes the book and publishes it within 3 days

The use of artificial intelligence to produce content on the Internet has alarmed many people. Launch the platform chat Ignite various alerts to create scripts and other content through programs. For the ages, Amar Rishi has been able to write and illustrate her children’s book in less than 72 hours.

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According to an interview on the Insider website, the boy said he always wanted to create something for his daughter. The book he developed with the help of artificial intelligence tells the story of a girl and her robot boyfriend, named Sparkle. Little Alice’s goal is to explore the world of technology. Therefore, the name of the work is “Alice and Sparkle”.

Artificial intelligence wrote an illustrated history book

Reshi posted on Twitter that he used a chat To write history by following your orders. After getting the full text, the boy used Midjourney, an automated art creator, to illustrate his literary work.

The whole process took 72 hours for the book to become available in the eBooks section of Amazon. The physical version of the product was created under Amazon’s free KDP service.

Expenses required to complete the jobs were a Midjourney monthly subscription of $30.

How were the reviews?

If you’re thinking of starting to produce a bunch of books using AI, it’s a good idea to take a look at Amazon product reviews.

Most of the reviews indicate that the work leaves much to be desired. This is because one of the comments says the writing is harsh and empty. Another refers to the random, meaningless illustrations with many “errors”.

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More so, the artists claimed rights to the painted works, saying Midjourney was going to use them without permission. For this reason, the sale of the book was previously suspended Amazon Between 6 and 14 January. Nevertheless, the author managed to sell 841 copies of the product.