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The government will allow direct treasury notes to be used as collateral for the lease; understand

In March, investments in direct treasury amounted to R$6.8 billion

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Seek to generalize the investment program for the Arab Republic of Egypt national treasureIn July, the federal government will launch a package of new products from Direct Treasury In partnership with Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (B 3). The idea formulated by the economic team is to use government bonds as financing guarantees and as rental guarantees.

As mentioned to Estadao / Broadcasting The National Treasury Secretary, Ruggero Cerrone, also plans to release papers for specific products, such as education, coordinating gift cards, and even making the famous “Cowwows.”

“We have titles as priority zero and should release news in July, with marketing, hammer blow on B3, scheduled for August,” Cerrone predicted when he said he would have meetings this week with B3 to iron out launch details.

In March, investments in the direct treasury amounted to R$6.8 billion, which is a monthly record, and the stock amounted to R$110 billion. Of the total 23.7 million people who have already invested in these securities over two decades of existence, 2.1 million have active accounts.

rent deposit

In the current form, the tenant needs to find a guarantor or leave some pre-deposited rental period. In this case, the money stands still, without income.

The intention, according to the secretary, is for fintech companies to find solutions to support this type of product. Real estate agencies or insurance companies themselves can also offer the alternative to their clients who have government bonds.

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