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The government releases a guide to the use of animals in teaching and research

The government releases a guide to the use of animals in teaching and research

The document has been in production for more than 10 years and brings together topics such as animal care and handling, as well as mandatory standards

Associated collegiate MCTI (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation), f Childbearing (National Board for the Control of Animal Experiments) Launched On Tuesday (May 9, 2023) the Brazilian Guide to the Production, Keeping or Use of Animals in Teaching or Scientific Research Activities. to publish (full – 14 MB) is the result of more than 10 years of work by Concea Consultants, together with a number of specialists from all over Brazil.

The document is a guide intended to guide researchers regarding the use of animals in teaching and research. It brings together topics such as animal care, management and facilities, which are the mandatory and recommended standards for each taxonomic group.

Chapters include species such as birds, ruminants, dogs, cats, rodents, fish, non-human primates, horses, pigs, amphibians, as well as wild animals on the loose.

Representing Minister Dennis Carvalho, MCTI’s National Science and Technology Council Advisory Services Chair Luciana Santos in the event. He stated that the publication of Concea is based on international protocols and takes into account the needs of animal institutions, laboratories and facilities.

Konsi’s work has a direct impact on teaching and research related to areas of strategic importance to the country, with the aim of preserving animal welfare and the quality of the research being conducted.He said.

For the president of CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development), Ricardo Galvao, the preparation of the guide demonstrates the level and seriousness of Brazilian science. According to him, it is necessary to develop a science that increasingly focuses on the needs of Brazilian society.

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This science is part of the formulation of public policies. We will not achieve socially just and sustainable development without sovereign public policies based on scientific and technological knowledge.told representatives of the scientific community.

Concea coordinator Katia de Angelis said the guide is a milestone, and it was published at the same time that normative decisions for institutional set-ups come into force. “This guide will be a standard in terms of legislation and help organizations understand the minimum standards recommended for facilities that keep animals used in experiments.”He said.

The guide was launched at the opening of the Fifth Concea Symposium and the Third Regional Meeting of Ethics Committees for the Use of Animals, in Brasilia. With about 300 participants from all over Brazil, the event discussed developments in national legislation related to ethics in teaching and scientific research activities involving animals.


Headed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luciana Santos, Concea is responsible for drafting rules regarding the humane use of animals for purposes of teaching and scientific research, as well as monitoring and evaluating the introduction of alternative methods aimed at replacing, reducing or revising the use of animals.

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