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The global ranking of the top 10 beaches chooses 5 Brazilians!

The global ranking of the top 10 beaches chooses 5 Brazilians!

Knowing where to find stunning beach scenery became easier after the movie’s release International ranking of the best beaches! The study, developed by the International Training Center for Beach Management and Certification (CIFPLAYAS), analyzed more than 120 beaches from 14 countries and three continents to arrive at the conclusion – and of course our beaches emerged among the first!

Among the competing countries, Cuba and Brazil dominated the top ten, showing off their natural beauty with crystal clear waters! According to the center, the study addressed the environmental quality of beaches “in terms of ecosystem function and meeting human needs.”

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Discover the top 10 beaches in the world rankings

10th place: Praia Azeda, Buzios (Brazil)

Buzios beaches

Photo: Monique Renn

Located in the historical center of the city Buziusthe Azeda Beach It is the only remaining large site of plant and animal species in the area. It features beautiful botanical landscapes, blue sea waters, mostly pink sand, and a historic palace known as Manção da Azeda.

9th place: Praia do Forno, Buzios (Brazil)

Another Brazilian gem that is in the ranking is Forno Beachwhich is located in the middle of two important conservation units: Lagoinha Municipal Park and Costa do Sol State Park.

Photo: Monique Renn

The beach has the beauty of Buzios’s picturesque landscape, such as its botanical landscapes, its blue sea water, and its predominantly pink sand. It is one of the starting points of the Búzios EcoTrail, the official eco-trail circuit of the city of Búzios.

8th place: Perla Blanca (Paradisos), Cayo Santa Maria (Cuba)

Photo: Valentin Perla Blanca Hotel

Perla Blanca Country Beach is located east of Cayo Santa María and is bordered on its eastern and western ends by rocky faces. It is 400 meters long and average 25 meters wide.

Photo: Manuel Garcia/Civlayas

According to research, the place has fossil dunes more than 8 meters high, and its coastal sand vegetation complex is well preserved. It is a beach with basic food, accessibility, marine and security services.

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7th place: La Estrella, Cayo Santa Maria (Cuba)

Photo: Edelkis Rodriguez/Civlayas

La Estrella Beach is located on the southern coast of eastern Cuba, as part of the Gulf of Santiago de Cuba and close to El Morro Castle.

It receives many swimmers living in the city of Santiago de Cuba, and local and foreign tourists, who use it for refreshment, sunbathing, hiking and fishing.

6th place: Gromare, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Gromari Beach – Photo: Riotur/Disclosure

Gromary It is a rural beach located in the far west of Rio de Janeiro. Access to it requires the use of a private car.

It is 2.5 kilometers long and is a very varied sandy beach, offering some stalls along the coast. Its waves are suitable for surfing.

Another notable feature of the beach is the presence of a lagoon on a strip of sand and rocky cliffs that separate it from another nearby beach.

5th place: Punta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, Salvador (Brazil)

Punta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach – Photography: Monique Rennes

Praia de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe is a beautiful village beach, about 500 meters long, in Savior. Its strip of light sand is relatively wide, about 50 meters long.

Photo: José Rodriguez Souza Filho

Photo: José Rodriguez Souza Filho/CIFPLAYAS

The beach is bathed in the warm waters of the Baía de Todos os Santos (around 28°C most of the year), and surrounded by the remnants of the Atlantic Forest. Paradys IslandA piece of paradise with a length of 6 km and an area of ​​​​more than 13 million square meters.

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Fourth place: Varadero (Internacional), Varadero (Cuba)

Photo: Melia Internacional Varadero/Disclosure

Varadero International Beach Hotel is a tourist gem, where comfort and sustainability come together harmoniously! The place has a paradisiacal landscape, with clear blue waters and soft sand of more than 300 metres.

The entire space is clean and well taken care of by Hotel Meliá Internacional. The beach is distinguished by its restored sand dunes, decorated with plants and the preservation of local fauna.

Third place: Historic Varadero, Varadero (Cuba)

Photo: CIFPLAYAS/Disclosure

The third best beach in the rating is called Varadero Histórico, which is the same name as the area in which it is located in the Cuban tourist town of Varadero. The place was chosen because it receives many visitors, has an integrated management program that has been working very well for decades, and because it offers different services.

Second place: Praia de Itauna, Saquarema (Brazil)

Praia Itauna with the blue flag – Photo: Saquarema City Hall

In the city of Saquarema we find the best beach in Brazil and the second in the top ten according to the world rankings. Known for its natural beauty, clear waters and soft sand, the state of Rio de Janeiro is complete and combines many characteristics that have earned it the title!

Theater of important sporting competitions Because it is the national capital of surfing, for its perfect waves, and because it is the home of Brazil’s Vôlei, Praia de Itaúna hosts important competitions on its very welcoming sands.

Photo: Rio de Janeiro Tourism Portal

The beach is located about 2.5 km from the center of Saquarema and can be reached by car, bike or bus. Moreover, it provides swimming assistance to people with disabilities.

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The destination also has kiosks, bathrooms, showers, parking, and bike racks. Nearby there are restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, ice cream shops, bakeries, grocery stores, hostels, a police station, health centers and a hospital.

1st place: Varadero (Melia Antias), Varadero (Cuba)

With soft white sand and clear blue waters, Varadero Beach has been voted the best beach ever! The tourist beach is located in the municipality of the same name in Cuba, in front of the Meliá Antillas Hotel.

Varadero Beach – Photo: Melia Antillas Hotel

It is a linear and open beach, about 500 meters long and more than 50 meters wide. The beach has well preserved and restored sand dunes and vegetation.

According to the research, Varadero Beach offers a flawless integrated management system and services typical of tourist beaches, with sustainable operation.

Beach Hotel Varadero Cuba Melia

Classification methodology

To analyze the research, the study considered that each beach has four basic functions: recreation, coastal defense, environmental preservation, and health conditions.

Hence, it was possible to evaluate 20 other categories measured by indicators, which were scored taking into account beach management and sustainability.

Photo: Michele Testini/Visit Cuba/Disclosure

All beaches have been evaluated by experts who know the area. Therefore, only 123 beaches were analyzed for classification. “If your favorite beach is not yet listed, it is because we do not yet have a qualified evaluator to evaluate it,” the study explains.

Countries competing in the classification


south america

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia (and the Caribbean)
  • Venezuela (and the Caribbean)

north america

  • Cuba (and the Caribbean)
  • Puerto Rico (and the Caribbean)
  • Mexico (and the Caribbean)
  • Canada

Central America



The full rankings can be accessed at location From Safeplace.

*Cover image: Monique Rennes

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