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White House: US ready to impose sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine

White House: US ready to impose sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine

The Biden government is ready to impose sanctions or other measures against Russia If you invade the country UkraineWhite House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Friday.

Psaki said Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking steps to allow him to invade the neighboring country.

“That’s why we want to be ready in an area where we raise serious concerns,” he added.

The spokeswoman also said that United State Arrange a possible call with Putin to discuss the matter.

This comes after Russia has massed more than 94,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, in possible preparations for military attack Broadly speaking in late January, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov told parliament on Friday, citing intelligence reports.

“Our intelligence analyzes all scenarios, including the worst,” said Reznikov. It indicates that there is the potential for a large-scale conflict with Russia. The most likely time for this is the end of January.

The minister said that Ukraine would do nothing to provoke the situation, but was ready to respond if Russia launched an attack. Also according to Reznikov, the country is proceeding with the construction of two naval bases on its southern coast.

For its part, Moscow accused Ukraine and the United States of “destabilizing behavior” and indicated that Kiev may be preparing to launch its own attack in eastern Ukraine, which the Ukrainian authorities strongly deny.

Deputy Speaker of the Russian House of Representatives denied that Moscow was planning any offensive operations in eastern Ukraine, Interfax news agency reported, and said that Russia would do everything possible to prevent a major escalation in the region.

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