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A história, que se passa na Irlanda do século 19, é inspirada em um romance da escritora Emma Donoghue, de 2016

The Girl Who Didn’t Eat in 4 Months

Released earlier this month by Netflix, the movie the miracle It achieves success due to its surprising and dark plot. The feature film reached second place in the higher 10 of the most watched movies on Netflix Brazil.

The story, which is set in 19th century Ireland, is based on a 2016 novel by Emma Donoghue. The girl was without food for four months, eating only “manna from heaven” – the divine food mentioned in Bible🇧🇷

Because of this, nurse Lip Wright is called in to investigate the veracity of the story. The whole situation has led the small village, where Anna lives, to see her as a miracle. However, what Lieb discovers causes huge The evolution of the film🇧🇷

Although the author of the work was not inspired by a specific case, she used a real phenomenon that occurred in the Victorian era as a basis. These are the “fasting girls”.

The girls claimed that they did not need to eat or drink to survive. However, some historians see this phenomenon as a wave of anorexia.

Young women became real celebrities between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, because they were anomalies or “God’s chosen ones”, girls also became targets of investigation and some even died.

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