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The first science fair in São Caetano encourages research using… ABC do ABC

The first science fair in São Caetano encourages research using… ABC do ABC

The next day April 27(Saturday), from 9am to 1pm, São Caetano do Sul will be the scene of the action “Science Fair – Scientific Research as Practice for Students”.

With support from the federal government, through MTI – Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation The main goal of this initiative is to stimulate and evaluate the practice of inquiry in the school environment, providing students with a unique opportunity to share their knowledge and discoveries.

Photo: Rafael Ridolfi

The exhibition program will include lectures, interactive platforms, and workshops led by the students themselves, under the guidance of teachers, and covering diverse and fascinating topics. We highlight the special participation of famous YouTube channel presenters, “zomundo”the Dr. Amanda Gomez And the Dr. Bruno Augustawho will present the lecture “Mega-Disasters – What Past Mass Extinctions Can Teach Us About Current Environmental Impacts.”

Among the projects that will be presented we can mention: “Exploring the biodiversity of fruit trees in the school garden” from EMEF Luiz Olinto Tortorellothat it “Earth's motions: exploring rotation and translation.from EMEF Silvio Romero. In total, 20 platforms will offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in science through educational and innovative experiences.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with young scientific talents from the São Caetano do Sul Municipal Network Sikab – Zelda Arens Training Center for Educational Professionals, located at Rua Tapajós, 300, Barcelona neighborhood. Come enjoy science in action!

It happened: Science Fair – Scientific research as practice for students
date: Saturday, April 27, 2024
time: From 9 am to 1 pm
local: CICAP – Zelda Arnes Educational Professionals Training Center, Rua Tapajós, 300, Bairro Barcelona, ​​São Caetano do Sul

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