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The first photo of the two actors together has been released;  look

The first photo of the two actors together has been released; look

The movie'Superman: Legacy“, a new DC production, should only be released in 2025, but it has already begun to generate a lot of hype. The latest one has satisfied many people's curiosity.

After much talk about the film's potential cast and actors who will play the superheroes in the story, director James Gunn obliged his fans by posting the first photo of them all together on Instagram.

The photo was taken after the first table reading of the text. According to the director's comment, not only the actors participated in the meeting, but also the producers and the entire team responsible for the film.

“For the first time, they were reunited. What a wonderful day!” Gunn wrote.

the movie crew

The film “Superman: Legacy” will reboot the DC universe in cinema – Image: Reproduction

In the photo, for example, it is possible to see actor Nicholas Hoult with a bald appearance. He will bring the villain Lex Luthor back to life. The casting meeting was held in Atlanta we.

According to director James Gunn, Superman: Legacy will reboot the DC universe in cinema and will show Superman still in the early stages of his career, trying to fit into a world already full of others. Super heros.

The film is scheduled to be released on July 11, 2025. The cast consists of the following actors and their characters:

  • David Corenswet: Clark Kent;
  • Rachel Brosnahan: Lois Lane;
  • Nicholas Hoult: Lex Luthor;
  • Isabella Merced: Hawkgirl;
  • Maria Gabriela de Faria: engineer;
  • Nathan Fillion: Guy Gardner;
  • Anthony Carrigan: Metamorpho;
  • Sara Sampaio: Eve Schumacher;
  • Skyler Gisondo: Jimmy Olsen;
  • Millie Alcock: Kara Zor-El;
  • Eddy Gathegi: Mr. Great.
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See the photo posted by director James Gunn below, with the entire cast of “Superman: Legacy”:

The film's actors after the first day of reading the script together in Atlanta, USA – Photo: Instagram/James Gunn/Reproduction