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'BBB 24': Wanessa Camargo says she's tired of reality: 'I already have it' |  BBB

'BBB 24': Wanessa Camargo says she's tired of reality: 'I already have it' | BBB

Wanessa CamargoReproduction/Globo

Published on 02/25/2024 at 16:19 | Updated on 25/02/2024 at 16:24

Rio – Vanessa Camargo admitted that she is not happy with her participation in “BBB 24”, on Sunday (25). The singer spoke about her experience with the program during an interview with Lucas Henrique and Yasmin Brunet.

“I experience a lot of things where I think: What am I doing here? People are looking for what I already have. We didn't come for the money,” she said. “But everyone has their own research,” Lucas said. “You have to show who you are,” the model encouraged.

“I've already shown who I am. I'm already fed up. I can't bear to hear anyone scream anymore. I can't be me. I'm not with my children, I'm not with my love. I don't sing, I don't work – and that's the most I love doing it. It's weird. I don't dance, I don't do anything I like. Only thing I don't like: which is judging others and staying here wasting time. And I still feel angry. Because, in conversations, I can't have exchanges all the time. “Not even with the people I like to talk to,” Wanessa concluded, “I manage my own affairs.” Why do I live? I leave my children away from me why? Since I already know where it's going to end.”


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