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The famous bank announces exclusive installments to customers

There is no longer any doubt about that pix It has become the preferred method of payment among Brazilians. Realizing this, the process is gaining more and more facilitation in financial institutions, either with the aim of making life easier for its users or to get new clients.

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One of the new options related to the process is pix in installments, allowing consumers to create a Pix and pay the amount in a certain number of installments. In short, the Pix installment payment system works like a credit card purchase.

However, the method allows for more affordable rates than those commonly used by credit cards. In addition, it is also possible to pay the transferred amount in installments between 12 and 24 times. However, the rules for this method are not entirely set by the central bank.

pix in 72 times?

Itaú recently announced that its Individual (PF) and Legal Entity (PJ) customers will be able to pin transfers and payments made by Pix up to 72 times. Installment becomes possible through personal credit offered by the bank.

So, the feature will be launched in April only. The promise, however, is to make life easier for customers who use Pix to make payments and receipts in connection with the purchase and sale of products or services.

However, a pre-approved profile will be created for each consumer, with installments issued only for transactions starting from R$80 according to the number of plots chosen.

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How to install Pix on Itaú?

For customers who want to make Pix in installments in Itaú, know that the option to pay in installments of up to 24 installments is now available. To do this, just follow the steps step by step:

  1. Open the Itaú app and access the “Pix” option;
  2. click “Transfer”;
  3. Enter the receiver’s Pix key;
  4. Select the “Pay in installments” option.
  5. Enter the amount to be transferred;
  6. Click on the first installment to select the date of the monthly payment of the amount;
  7. Access “Installment” to select the amount of installments in which Pix will be paid;
  8. Click Hire.

After that, it will be necessary to wait for the credit analysis, which is quickly carried out by the institution. Then just enter your password and Pix will be sent to the stated destination.