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Imagem de: Goleiro inglês leva setup gamer ao Catar para jogar Fortnite

The English goalkeeper takes player setup to Qatar to play Fortnite

England’s first-choice goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, has shown that he’s just as passionate about video games as many of us. In order not to give up the game, he took his player preparation to Qatar during this period of the World Cup. Details: to play Fortnite🇧🇷

He revealed the contents of one of his bags in a video clip produced by the Football Association. In addition to talking about how the tournament was and “reviewing” his teammates in the locker rooms, Pickford talked about golf and the games.

The athlete, who plays for Everton, revealed that he was tired of playing on a laptop with a small screen, and therefore decided to move more equipment to Qatar. He even took his laptop, but with a much larger screen, all packed into a large case. Watch the video below where he talks about it:

🇧🇷[Estou] I just try to get the best frames and stuff,” Pickford told the interviewer. He also mentioned that it’s hard to get used to not having the same player setup he has at home with huge screens.

Before, the goalkeeper had already given advice on how to pass the time when there were no training sessions or matches. He said, “Try to recover, feel good about yourself, whatever you need.” “Spend some time with the guys… Fortnite,” he added, adding that he’s still in the “Fortnite vibe.”

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