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The moon makes Mars disappear from the sky this Thursday, 8;  I know why

The moon makes Mars disappear from the sky this Thursday, 8; I know why

If you are used to looking at the sky to count the stars and make wishes, get ready to do something more interesting. This Thursday, the eighth, Mars will disappear from the sky. Guilty of this? the moon.

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But calm down. There is no reason to despair. The whole thing only has to last 31 minutes which is an astronomically predictable move.

What will happen is a phenomenon called lunar occultation. In this period of just over half an hour, our Moon – which will be full – will be in front of the Red Planet. Thus, we will have the impression that Mars has disappeared.

This astronomical waltz is scheduled to take place around 5:58 am BST.

old condition

This isn’t the first time the moon has tried to obscure Mars. This phenomenon occurred in September 2020 and can be seen in Brazil. Before that, it happened again on August 9 of the same year.

In fact, the Moon would love to take over the solar system with its own. This happens several times a year, in fact, not only with Mars, but with many other planets and celestial bodies.

The difference is that it is not always visible to us earthlings. In addition, it is not always possible to notice the phenomenon with the naked eye.

Is it possible to see the hidden Martian moon in Brazil?

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to see this phenomenon in Brazil. It will only be visible to a select group of countries in the Northern Hemisphere: Greenland and Northern Europe, and all of North America and North Africa.

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But do not worry, “the humble will be exalted.” Our moment will come, and it will only take some time.

Astronomers point out that we may see the Moon eclipsing Mars again in February 2026. Until then, let’s stand firm. It’s like I said Renato Russo🇧🇷 “He who believes always achieves.”