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The discovery of an edited old photo of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked fresh controversy in the UK

The discovery of an edited old photo of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked fresh controversy in the UK

The British monarchy has been in the eye of the storm since a photo of Kate Middleton was removed from circulation by news outlets due to manipulation. It's true that the Princess of Wales stays out of the limelight. He has been recovering from stomach surgery since last yearContributing to speculation about his health in the British tabloids.

Now, any and all official pictures of royalty will be subject to press scrutiny. A photograph taken of Queen Elizabeth II with her 10 grandchildren and great-grandchildren at Balmoral Castle in Scotland in 2022 as she celebrates her 97th birthday has been subjected to six digital manipulations, the photography company said. Good pictures.

Highlighted changes include flaws in the plaid of the monarch's skirt and a change in Prince Louis's position, brought digitally closer to the arm of the sofa seen in the click. as well as Good picturesAmerican news channel CNN Kensington Palace has announced a review of all promotional material it has distributed.

Changing royal photographs is an old practice

The image of monarchs is heavily controlled by the public relations machine British royalty forever. At the end of the 19th century, Queen Victoria, the first representative of the royal family to be photographed, at the time asked for her picture to be retouched to remove the double chin on her face. Before this, kings and queens were depicted in paintings as very tall, young and beautiful. Image is power.

Nowadays, with the ease of cell phone cameras and the large number of image editing applications, in addition to popular filters popularized by social networks, the line between reality and manipulation is increasingly blurred and dangerous. Much has been said about the dangers of artificial intelligence and the manipulation of truth fake news.

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