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"The decision to leave Florida came after...";  The reason why Vitinho left CRF is delivered and the exclusive 'hot' is revealed

“The decision to leave Florida came after…”; The reason why Vitinho left CRF is delivered and the exclusive ‘hot’ is revealed


The striker leaves Mingao to play with the Saudi Ettifaq

- Vetino
© Photo: Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF– Vetino

a flamingo Already he changed the key from the Brazilian championship to the Copa Libertadores da America. The Robro Negro team faces Velez next Wednesday (31) in Argentina. However, Dorival Jr saved almost all the key players in the classic match against Botafogo with the goal of this semi-final duel for America.

Who will be confirmed leaving this week is the striker Vetino. He wasn’t even listed to face Glorioso and he shut everything down to wear a T-shirt the agreementfrom KSA. The athlete leaves Mais Querido without leaving fans behind. The shipment was too big and there was no way for the Nest to continue.

the gate “FLA WebBrought backstage reports revealing the reason for the 11 shirt decision drifting away from flamingo. According to the news, the hammer was injured after the last matches in BrasilWhere he was cursed in the warm-up and then received a lot boo during matches. Already there There was no weather.

The player is aware that he has achieved good numbers in recent years and that most of the criticism has been exaggerated. (…]The decision to leave Flamengo came after the last matches in Brasilia (…) His staff also influenced the player to breathe new air and these were the reasons for leaving Flamengo after 4 years“, He said an excerpt from the report on the site.

Vetinho is really upset about leaving the club. Fla has always been a dream of the athlete, who has been a fan of CRF since childhood, but the situation has become unsustainable over the past few months. In fact, the striker had good numbers last season and in 2019, but he needs to play with Flamengo something more Perhaps he could not achieve this.

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