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Fluminense announces signing of Mano Menezes | Fluminense

Fluminense announces signing of Mano Menezes | Fluminense

Hey Fluminense It was announced on Monday afternoon that Mano Menezes has been appointed as the team’s coach. He will replace Fernando Diniz and will be tasked with trying to save the team, which is last in the Brazilian league with six points from 13 games. The contract is valid until the end of this year.

“Manu and Fluminense have a big task in this Brazilian championship,” says Elano.

Manu will lead his first training session at the helm. Fluminense Tuesday at the club’s CT stadium. The first match will be on Thursday, against Inter, at the Maracanã. With the coach, his assistant Sidney Lobo arrives at the Tricolor.

Marcelo Neves explains why Fluminense signed Mano Menezes

Manu arrives to promote change in team’s playing philosophy Fluminensewhich was led by Fernando Diniz for two years and two months. During this period, he won the Recopa Sol Americana in 2024 and the Copa Libertadores and Carioca in 2023.

Mano Menezes ends third spell with Corinthians

Mano Menezes had contact with the Tricolor board last weekend and was ready to accept the challenge after analyses and meetings. He spoke with Mario, Angioni and Fred about what he thought was necessary to change the team to balance and seek an urgent response in the Brazilian championship.

Mario Bittencourt said on Tuesday that the trend was for Marcao to lead the team until December.

“There are still a lot of things that need to change,” Phil says. Fan Sound

Gaucho from Rio Pardo, Luiz Antonio Vinker Menezes is 62 years old. There are three Brazilian Cup titles on his resume, one with Corinthians in 2008, and two with Cruzeiro in 2017 and 2018. He has also won five state championships between Rio Grande do Sul (two), São Paulo and Minas Gerais (two).

Mano Menezes left Corinthians at the beginning of this year – Photo: Marcos Riboli

Manu still has time to play for the Brazilian national team. In 2010, when he was competing for the Brazilian league title with Corinthians, he was hired by the Brazilian Federation after Muricy Ramalho refused. Fluminense He ended up champion that year, and Manu left the team at the end of 2012, after losing the gold medal at the London Olympics.

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