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The confusion has Lisca, Moreno, and the staff at Cruzeiro x América-MG

The confusion has Lisca, Moreno, and the staff at Cruzeiro x América-MG

The game was characterized by a real classic atmosphere Sea trip x América-MG in the first duel in the Minero Championship semi-finals. After the final whistle of referee Marco Aurelio Augusto Vazecas in the US 2-1 victory, the players and members of the clubs’ technical committees played unfortunate scenes in the access area to the Mineirao locker rooms.

It was necessary for the security guards of both teams to intervene so that the worst did not happen, such as a general fight, for example. Numerous insults, verbal assaults, and “promises” were introduced in the post-match debate at Gigante da Pampulha. Grupo Globo, the broadcast rights holder for the Mineiro tournament, recorded photos of the confrontation between characters from Cruzeiro and América-MG.

Among the “promises” made in the midst of the debate, one from striker Marcelo Moreno to coach Lesca: “Lesca, there will be a comeback, huh,” the Bolivian said, referring to next Sunday’s second leg at Independencia Stadium. . “He was disrespectful to us,” added the striker, Cruzirense.

Felipe Augusto, who worked in America last year, insulted the coach Lesca. Sky midfielder Adriano said the Americans made several provocations after the match.

And not only after the match there were episodes of confusion. During the match, the atmosphere also flared up with discussions between striker Bruno Jose of Cruzeiro and Lesca himself. Immediately after the celestial goal, Coelho’s coach also complained that coaching staff and club leaders were harassing Americans from the stands.

Cruzeiro’s coach, Felipe Conceicao, preferred to put on warm clothes in perplexity and avoided talking about the fight. “On an ethical issue, I prefer to talk about the technical side. I think Lesca is a great coach, he did a great job at América-MG. That’s all I have to comment on,” he said.

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Called “crazy,” Lisca didn’t speak out loud and talked about the confusion. “Their bank provoked them, put their hands on their genitals, said a lot of things. America – MG will not accept that anymore. There is a provocation from there, there will be from here too. He will speak from there, we will talk from here. When they were winning the match, they humiliated our players.” And they talked a lot about nonsense. “