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The Colombian president is under investigation for financing his election campaign

The Colombian president is under investigation for financing his election campaign

The investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office takes place at a time when Gustavo Pietro is trying to approve reforms in Congress

Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation into allegations of illegal campaign financing for President Gustavo Petro. The agency announced in its office the opening of the investigation Twitter profile On Friday (9. June 2023). Here it is full From the statement (80 KB, in Spanish).

“Potential responsibilities for campaign financing offenses from prohibited sources, and violation of electoral boundaries will be investigated.”says the statement.

The investigation is gaining traction at a time when Petro is trying to get stalled labor, Social Security, and health reforms approved in Congress.

The corruption scandal started after the magazine the week Posted audios by Colombia’s former ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, about alleged illegal contributions to the Petro campaign. The letters were to be forwarded to the chief of staff to the president, Laura Sarabia.

After the backlash, Sarabia and Benedetti resigned from their posts. The audio mentions an amount of approximately US$3.5 million (R$17.2 million) that was allegedly donated to the campaign in an irregular fashion.

“Revista Semana’s audio has been manipulated. I apologize to President Gustavo Petro and Laura Sarabia for the aggression. The attack does not come from me.” Books by Armando Benedetti on your Twitter profile.

Last week, Gustavo Petro’s supporters held large demonstrations in favor of the president in Bogota, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla and Ibague. The Colombian leader says allegations of corruption are aimed at destabilizing his government, the country’s first left-wing government.

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