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The coffee cup quiz can exclude you from choosing

The coffee cup quiz can exclude you from choosing

in job interviewEvery detail can score points or take them away from you. This means that preparation is an essential factor for candidates who want an opportunity within the company. However, there are some techniques interviewers use that can jeopardize your position and make the admissions process more difficult.

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A CEO from a major Australian technology company, Trent Innes, was interviewed by The Venture podcast. On this occasion, he commented on a very simple method that can be used during interview From work in order to assess the quality of the interviewee.

According to the CEO, a person can have many skills, knowledge and well-developed experience. However, their attitude will always be a major factor in whether the hirer will say yes or no after the job interview.

Observe the method used in the job interview

Ennis said he usually follows some kind of ritual during a job interview. He always takes the candidate to the company’s kitchen. There, people usually get a drink, which can generally be water, tea or coffee. After that, they return to the interview area and continue with the questionnaire.

The purpose of this habit is to analyze what the respondent will do with the empty cup. Does he want to take her to the kitchen or not? This is the CEO’s great goal when taking the person to the coffee grounds.

According to the CEO, he wants to know if the candidate will see value in performing even the simplest task in the company, such as making a simple cup of coffee. Regardless of the title, Ennis says this is one of the most important notes.

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Therefore, if you intend to participate in any interview with professionPay attention to the details. Show that you really care about every little task that needs to be organized. Here’s the tip!