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‘dedura’ tool scripts generated by artificial intelligence;  Meets!

‘dedura’ tool scripts generated by artificial intelligence; Meets!

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Many of the texts circulating on the Internet are not written by people. In many cases, they are made by combinations of useful algorithms created by bots or bots. Thus, AI is able to produce texts that appear to have been made by humans.

However, with GPTZero it is possible to quickly discover the authorship of each of them. that A new application has been introduced to find out whether texts were created by people or by people robots. Learn more about this tool below.

How does GPTZero work?

Computer science student Edward Tian of Princeton University launched GPTZero in early 2023. The app is simple and easy to access, and is committed to quickly detecting whether a text was written by a person or a bot.

To do this, the user must open the tool’s website, which only works online, and paste the text they want to analyze. Then just run GPTZero. This provides a detailed report on each paragraph with graphs showing where the text is more “human” or more “machine”. In addition, it also provides a kind of final opinion, showing the user whether the text was written by a person or not.

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Edward Tian developed two main application analysis strategies for work: text complexity and sentence length. If the text provided more care in constructing the argument, including some vices, the app would not detect the presence of bots. After all, typing bots tend to be more automatic and straightforward.

In terms of sentence length, text written by one person tends to have sentences of different lengths. This is a behavior that doesn’t happen with AI text, which tends to have sentences of the same length.

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So popular in just a few days, GPTZero has won over teachers. Although it is not infallible, the application has entered the list of tools that teachers use to check for plagiarism in students’ work. By combining with other resources already widely used, GPTZero proves useful not only for such professionals, but also for everyone who wants to “unearth” copyright.

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