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If Facebook leaks your data, they may be required to pay you R$500

If Facebook leaks your data, they may be required to pay you R$500

Facebook, to which Meta is responsible, is the subject of another lawsuit for moral damages over a data leak that caused more than 8 million Brazilian victims in 2021. Mark Zuckerberg’s company has been ordered to pay R$500 in compensation to each user.

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That is, those who are directly affected by Information leakage Personal data that included phone number, e-mail, name and date of birth. See more details throughout the text.

The decision was taken by the Court of Justice of Maranhão and passed by the Court of Propagation and Collective Interests of Maranhão last week. Conviction affirms value compensation 72 million reais, and it is proposed to return the amount to the State Fund for Propagation Rights of the state.

This is of course in addition to paying a fine of R$500 per user in the country.

This conviction is the result of a case that took place in 2021, where their information was exposed to 530 million users worldwide, spread across 106 countries. Of this total, 8,064,916 live in Brazil.

The presiding judge, Douglas de Melo Martins, realized that the occasion in question had caused a series of losses for users, even by the network itself. In response to Justice’s questions, Facebook indicated that the data was obtained by “malicious agents” who maliciously used network resources.

Learn how to tell if your data has been leaked

a social network And Justice did not report the list of Brazilians who were victims of the leak, but an alternative to finding out who is entitled to compensation is to use the website “Have I Been Pwned?”

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In it, the person will add an active email or cell phone at the time of the leak and thus note the result that will show whether the data is exposed or not. If the information is disclosed, the directive is to file a police report, in addition to informing the National Data Protection Agency that you are a victim of this situation.

This is not the first time such a data leak has occurred. A similar case was recorded in 2018, when the information of 87 million global users was also shared, including 443,000 Brazilians. Facebook had to pay R$6.6 million to users in Brazil.