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The Central Bank again postpones the second phase of “forgotten money”

The Central Bank again postpones the second phase of “forgotten money”

The central bank postponed the start of work Second Level From System Receivable Values ​​(SVR) for the second month in a row. Rescue operations resume to I forgot the money It was scheduled to take place on May 2, but was postponed due to a strike by municipal employees.

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In the first phase of the system, 3.6 million people and 19,000 companies requested a total of R$336 million. The next stage expectation is that R$4.1 billion will be available for withdrawal.

The resources of the first stage are obtained from current accounts or savings closed with available balance fees, installments or obligations related to credit operations inappropriately charged (with the return stipulated in the commitment term); equity shares and distribution of net surpluses from credit unions; The consortium’s resources were terminated.

In the second, seven other sources enter:

  1. incorrectly collected fees, which are not stipulated in the commitment terms signed by the bank with the BC;
  2. installments or obligations related to credit operations that are incorrectly charged, not provided for by the commitment terms signed by the bank with the BC;
  3. Closed and prepaid postpaid accounts with available balance;
  4. Recording accounts maintained by stock brokerage firms and stock distribution firms to record closed customer operations with available balance;
  5. entities subject to extrajudicial liquidation;
  6. credit guarantee fund;
  7. Cooperative Credit Guarantee Fund.

How do you make the query?

Consultations will be available at SVR . portal Once it is resumed. To access the system, a citizen must have a government account at the Silver or Gold level.

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The big news expected for the second phase is the end of scheduling. After returning to the portal, anyone who finds a credit will be able to request a refund in the first consultation, which until now was not possible.

BC server strike

The employee stopped The central bank’s public services began on April 1 and have already caused delays in many autonomy services. In addition to the SVR, there was also a loss in the publication of the Focus bulletin, exchange rate data and daily Ptax.

Servers are asking for a 13.5% salary adjustment, among other demands. According to the head of the National Union of Central Bank Employees (Signal), Fabio Fayyad, 80% of the participants in the last gathering voted in favor of continuing the strike.