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The Brazilian goes viral for confusing a NASA photo with “Starfield.”

The Brazilian goes viral for confusing a NASA photo with “Starfield.”

A Brazilian fan of the long-awaited Bethesda game”StarfieldIt caused a comedic uproar on social media by circulating real pictures of the planet Mars. He claimed that images taken by NASA’s Perseverance rover were from the game.

Brazilian becomes meme after confusing NASA photos

Commenting on the photos, the fan said:

“Let’s wait for the final play. What’s being offered doesn’t look that impressive.

One Twitter user (currently X) shared a version of a Brazilian fan commenting on photos NASA As if they were from Starfield.

Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

“Starfield” has arrived, the latest release from the famous company Bethesda, the famous producer of the famous Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. X-Box and PC, providing a unique space exploration experience.

This game transports players to a vast world that includes more than a thousand planets, and promises to provide hundreds of hours of exciting gameplay.

Players who have been anticipating their exciting space journey can celebrate, as “Starfield” is now available in Early Access for those who pre-ordered it.

Meanwhile, the general public has already been immersed in this exciting adventure since 9/5. Launched exclusively on consoles Xbox Series S And X, as well as on PC.

Hassle-free access with Xbox Game Pass

Image: Bethesda/Reproduction

For those who subscribe to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, there’s even better news. They will have the opportunity to exploreStarfield“At no additional cost. This subscription service is known for its wide range of games and will now include this gem in its catalog.

Thus, players will be able to embark on an amazing interplanetary journey, without financial barriers, both on their consoles and on their computers.

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With Starfield. Bethesda It promises to take players to places never before imagined, opening up a vast world full of secrets and adventures. Meanwhile, there’s an amusing Brazilian misconception that reminds us that the line between reality and fantasy can be blurry when it comes to interplanetary worlds.

Now it’s time to explore the far reaches of space and see what the universe has to offer in this exciting new chapter of video gaming.