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The Brazilian digital currency will be innovative and secure, according to the experts’ assessment

Digital currency: potential cost savings, as there is no paper or physical transmission
Photo: WhiteMocca / Shutterstock

On Monday (24), the central bank issued rules for developing a Brazilian digital currency that should start to be used in a period of two to three years. In an interview with CNN on Tuesday (25), banking expert Thais Cárnio said that she sees the ad in good eyes, as it brings “potential cost reduction”, as it does not imply the issuance or transfer of physical funds.

However, the idea is that novelty does not replace currency as we have it today. Initially, expectations are that the “digital real” will be used for retail payments.

She explained that there are differences between BC and Bitcoin. “It is similar in that it is a digital currency that is actually in transit, but unlike Bitcoin – which is a financial asset and has value based on supply and demand – the Brazilian Monetary Authority issues it, in encrypted form, with blockchain technology, which provides more reliability.”

The specialist stressed on ensuring the security of trading this type of currency for being innovative, in addition to its support from the Central Bank. The idea is that with an institution like this, the security is greater. With something very innovative, if we had problems of this kind, from fraud, then there would be no commitment on the part of people. “

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