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The band will launch a channel with 24 Hours of Faustão

The band will launch a channel with 24 Hours of Faustão

Faustão na Band, which will be shown between 2022 and 2023, will return to broadcast on FAST – Photo: Divulgação/Band

The band will launch a channel that broadcasts Faustau 24 hours a day, which aired between January 2022 and July 2023 on the network. One of the projects will be in the FAST format, which consists of uninterrupted broadcasting, over the Internet, of a specific programme, in partnership with TCL.

The news was announced through TCL Channel, the brand’s Android live streaming app, in a panel discussion at the Rio2C 2024 event. In addition to Faustão na Band, other FAST channels will show the programs 1001 Questions, presented by Zeca Camargo and Linha de Combate. Monitoring police operations.

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Interestingly, both Faustão and Zeca Camargo are no longer at the station. The veteran broadcaster stopped broadcasting last year and devoted himself to taking care of his health. The journalist, who ran Melhor da Nuit with Glenda Kozlowski, left the channel last week.

“The Band Play app was already available on TCL TVs in partnership with Vibra, a company in our group,” explained Caio Carvalho, Communications Director at Grupo Bandeirantes. Now, we will have these band content programs that had a great audience performing on Bandeirantes TV. They will definitely have greater user retention through the FAST channel.

“This action gives us the opportunity to reach new audiences, work in specific areas, monetize our portfolios, and be present on a relevant platform,” adds the CEO.

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Another partnership announced by TCL Channel is with Dia Estúdio. This collaboration marks a milestone in the migration of YouTube content to FAST platforms, and provides content creators with wider exposure, allowing their work to reach millions of TV viewers.


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