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PS5 may have native backward compatibility with PlayStation 3

PS5 may have native backward compatibility with PlayStation 3

Native PS5 compatibility with PlayStation 3 could arrive soon. Rumors suggest that Sony is working to ensure that seventh generation console games can be played without having to access them via the cloud.

According to the latest episode of the Xbox Era podcast, the manufacturer will “individually select” which games support current hardware. This strategy will be similar to that of the Xbox Series and One, which are capable of running Xbox 360 titles.

When asked about the technologies applied in the games, presenter Shpeshal_Nick said he was not sure of more details. So far, everything he’s heard involves this “selective backwards compatibility.”

You can watch the video below:

Backward compatibility on PS5 only via cloud streaming

Some PS3 titles are available on PS5, but only via cloud streaming and in select regions – Brazil not included. Meanwhile, major exclusives like inFAMOUS, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and Killzone 2 are limited to Generation 7.

Since Sony has not confirmed that PlayStation 3 games can be played natively on PS5, this information should be treated as rumours.

What PS3 games would you like to play on the new generation console? comment!

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