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The average monthly income in Piauí is R$2,145, notes IBGE |  Piaoui

The average monthly income in Piauí is R$2,145, notes IBGE | Piaoui

The average monthly income of Piauí residents reached R$ 2,145 in 2023 – Photo: Magno Bonfim/ TV Clube

It was the average monthly income of Piaui residents 2,145 Brazilian reals In 2023. Data released in the Continuing National Household Sample Survey (Continuous PNAD), from Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Friday (19).

Calculations were made on the basis of the income of the entire population based on all sources of income. Calculating how much those who work or receive pensions, retirement benefits, and benefits from the federal government, for example. The total number of people with limited income reached 61.9% of the population, equivalent to 2 million people.

  • 37% of Piauí's population earned income from work. One million and 209 thousand people
  • 32% of Piauí's population has income from other sources (Retirement/pension, social program benefits, etc.). 1 million people

Piauí is the fourth in the country where the most people receive benefits from the federal government, including Bolsa Familia, where 16% of the population receives benefits. This is equivalent to 526 thousand people.

The state is also a national landmark for the percentage of residents receiving a retirement or pension. Its population is 480 thousand people, equivalent to 14.7% of the population, a percentage that gave Piaui fifth place.

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