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The artist draws all the women killed by men in the UK in 2020

The artist draws all the women killed by men in the UK in 2020

A British artist Henny Beaumont has decided to paint portraits of all women victims of domestic violence who died in the UK in 2020.

Labor MP Henny told Sky News that Jess Phillips came up with the idea of ​​paying tribute after hearing the names of 118 victims in a public forum on International Women’s Day.

“I was very sad and shocked. The only name I recognized at the time was Sarah Evert. I was curious about all the other women and decided to create a monument for them. So I draw them and film this process. Then, I edit the pictures and turn them upside down so they can see that they are disappearing, ”the artist explained.

In this project, Henny called them ‘missing women’ because you can see in the maps what these victims were like before they were killed by those who loved them.

So far, the English have completed 19 paintings, which you can find on the artist’s website on Twitter.

Kelly Fitzgeralds, 40, one of the ‘missing women’ Henny has ever painted, was shot dead at her home last March, the partner who killed her two daughters, Ava, four and Lexi.

Henny promised to give the painting to Kelly’s father.

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