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Lula negotiates UK membership of Amazon Fund

With 40 days to go until he takes office, President-elect Lula continues to signal a relaunch of Brazil’s environmental policy for the next government. The State institution The United Kingdom is reportedly exploring the possibility of joining the Amazon Fund as a new donor, along with Germany and Norway.

Created more than a decade ago, the Amazon fund has been paralyzed for the past three and a half years by disagreements between the Bolsonaro administration and the German and Norwegian governments. The mechanism is expected to be quick Reactivated Once Lula takes power, in January, he will release about R$ 3 billion in resources for forest protection and sustainable development projects in the Amazon.

at UOL, Jamil Said details the diplomatic rhetoric of the president-elect and his allies, such as former minister and federal vice-president-elect Marina Silva (SP), to attract new donors to the Amazon Fund during COP27. One of the targets is the US government, which has long been concerned about allocating resources to forest conservation in Brazil. Philanthropy was another focus, with conversations with private foundations and mega-entrepreneurs like the “Bezos Fund” owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Still on the external front, Miriam reached out to Leadao n’globe How Brazilian Ilan Goldfajn’s election to head the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will help with the future government’s environmental and climate goals. The economist himself highlighted the climate issue as one of the focal points of his administration. “The IDP can tackle these issues that we have to face at this time, by funding projects that reduce food insecurity or fight inequality not only based on income, but supporting what we call GTI (Gender, Diversity and Inclusion) projects. to combat climate change”.

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As he seeks external resources to protect the Amazon, President-elect Lula also faces domestic pressure to increase the ambition of Brazil’s climate commitments in January. at sheetIndigenous activist Txai Suruí supported the amendment of the Brazilian NDC under the Paris Agreement defined by the Bolsonaro government and has been widely criticized by experts and environmentalists for “pedaling” the country’s 2030 target of reducing emissions bills. Lula, I want a new NDC”, he said.[e] I also want youth and tribals to return as decision makers”.

During: Under the rationalization of activity lobby In Brazil, the Bolsonaro government and its allies in the National Congress want to pass a bill that would make it harder for civil society organizations and social movements to operate. Group of companies published Letter In contrast to PL 4391/2021, written by the executive branch, the proposal poses “serious threats to the right to social participation.” One of the problematic points is the subjective and vague criteria for penalties in case of non-compliance with the law, which is used to silence those who express dissenting opinions and potential questions. Another problem is the way in which the non-governmental sector is treated, without considering the financial, political, techno-management and influence differences between them. oh g1 This message resonated.

ClimateInfo, November 23, 2022.

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