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The arrival of Jean Lucas sparks competition for a place in Santos’ midfield  saints

The arrival of Jean Lucas sparks competition for a place in Santos’ midfield saints

The arrival of Jean Lucas promises to intensify the dispute over a vacant midfield position saints. With a good spell at Peixe in 2019, the Monaco midfielder has been appointed from France and is set to be announced in the coming days.

Central do ge analyzes players from São Paulo and Santos who question the classic game

Coach Paolo Torra sought to maintain the base of the team and work on tactical differences at the top. The form can vary between 4-3-3, used against Goiás, and 4-4-2, used in the match against Cuiabá.

In midfield, two names have gained a line. One of them is Lucas Lima, who is responsible for being a man of creation. The other one is Rodrigo Fernandez. Uruguay has the prestige of Paulo Tora and is part of his backbone saints at the beginning of this work.

The second midfielder is the role that remains open. Dodi, the absolute winner under Oder Hellmann, lost space with the new leader. The classic match against Sao Paulo will be the midfielder’s first chance with Tora.

Sandri was given opportunities to enter matches against Blooming, for the Copa Sudamericana, and Cuiaba, for Brazil. He was a key player in the win over Goiás and should win the series in the duel against Tricolor, on Sunday, in Morumbi.

Jean Lucas on the pitch with Monaco – Image: Disclosure

Jan Lucas arrived with a pro point. in the first pass saintsThe defensive midfielder has gained prominence for being able to play the role of first or second man in midfield. In addition, he also came to be the third player in a formation with three defensive midfielders.

Weighs in against the new reinforcement the short time on the field. In the last European season, Jean Lucas played only 10 matches for Monaco. He has not been on the field since October 27 last year, when he played seven minutes in the match against Ferencvaros, from Hungary, in the Europa League.