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The alignment was wrong? Understand what happened to Lisian’s face

Photo: TV recording / reproduction

Since it first appeared on our small screen Vitoria TV/TV recordingAnd farm 13 Give speech! But the truth is that confined pedestrians don’t live on flowers alone and Lesian Gutierrez is well aware of this.

The model ended up becoming a joke on social networks for the appearance of her face, which is still recovering from reconstructive plastic surgery. It all started in 2018, when Lesian underwent the wrong face formatting.

The US model’s battle with the aesthetic procedure error began at the same time, when she went through bloated crises that didn’t go away.

In previous interviews, Lisian said a professional who attended her in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, said the unusual swelling was caused by an allergy. I believed and dealt with the problem as directed.

Years later, now in 2021, she began experiencing severe pain in her face, which she attributed to the procedure that went wrong. On Friday afternoon (17), with a pedestrian in the room at the Real Estate of Record headquarters, the game opened up about its true status.

“About two or three months ago I started to have a lot of pain. I had the surgery a month and a half ago, and I’m still recovering. I went to two doctors who filed a report. I have a report. The first I went and submitted the report, it was an overproduction. Second, same thing.” He explained that the problem was the surplus producer.

Lisian explained that in the United States, for example, it is not allowed to apply more than 5ml of hyaluronic acid per fill session. In Brazil, professionals apply more than 10 times this volume in one go. “You put 100 ml in your face, okay. There will be people who will react and people who will not,” he compares.

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With the pain in, the model underwent her first reconstructive plastic surgery to remove all of the injected product and reconstruct her face. Only with the enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid, as she explains, was it not possible to complete the “asymmetry.”

Regarding the attacks it receives online, Lesian consultants said it will start contacting the courts to address profiles that manipulate the model’s physical appearance.

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