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Famosa disse que estaria sendo perseguida por alguns peões em

Diane Melo’s brother talks nonsense in voting in the stall: ‘He took it out’ – Entertainment

Formation of the first bay farm 13 It caused confusion among the participants earlier in the week. During the vote, Rico Melquiades said he chose Diane Mello because it was her voting choice. But the model did not like the justification, and replied: “Let’s be honest and not hypocritical.”

The celebrity who got confused until he asked to stay in a less privileged place, She said some pedestrians were chasing her. After the episode, Diane tells Fernanda Medrado in her room that people think she wouldn’t have the right to be there. Solange Gomez overheard the conversation and disagreed with the girl, claiming that it was just a feeling of personal insecurity for her.

in conversation with R7 . GateBusinessman Giuliano Jonas Correa de Mello, the model’s brother, commented on what happened and also noted that some participants could have warned his sister about the confusion. “I was confused, because my sister left Brazil so early, lived in Chile in the USA and for more than 10 years in Italy. At the time, my parents and I laughed. Someone could have corrected it immediately, but she ‘taken the message’ to stay in the booth. .for her there is no bad time.”

The 34-year-old businessman also believes that some of the participants may have entered the game with pre-set strategies. “As they joined the day before, I can’t talk about their relationship in those days there. Everything is very intense and everyone is there to play, but there seems to be a pre-direction from some of the participants. But, as it is very transparent and honest, at the time I felt something and this He’s the reason she says it. She’s very intuitive and follows her heart. But I can’t say, because she felt it inside.”

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In addition, the model’s brother revealed why she was crazy: “Fake, people who use others are ladders and injustice. My sister is very fair and transparent.” He added: ‘My sister in the previous reality show was subjected to a lot of persecution from the other participants. The nail has always been the one that received a lot of ways, I think it was transparent, honest and not straying from it, but the strongest attacks were from a part of the audience cheering the others, but that was zero.”

Diane became known after participating in Big Brother VIPOh BBB From Italy, he reached the grand final thanks to the support of the Brazilians who gave many votes and cheered for her.