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The 2008 Massa case could pose a challenge to Abu Dhabi 21

The 2008 Massa case could pose a challenge to Abu Dhabi 21

the team Mercedes in Formula 1 Monitors business developments with interest Felipe Massa Regarding the tournament 2008Amid indications that the Brazilian’s pledge may lead to a review of the results Abu Dhabi in 2021as he said himself Bernie EcclestoneThe former class president when the British leader criticized the Brazilian driver.

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macaroni He began a legal process to become champion in 2008, after becoming convinced that there was a conspiracy that denied him the chance to win the crown after…Crash gate‘ In the 2008 Singapore GBaccording to the Motorsport.com It has been widely reported.

In pre-suit letters sent to International Automobile Federation (FIA) and F1Massa’s legal team argued that losing the title subsequently harmed him and led to damage to his reputation and loss of profits.

Last week, Massa’s Brazilian lawyer, Bernardo VianaHe said he thought the case was “strong” and that his mission was to overturn the outcome of the case Singapore-2008Which will make Felipe the hero.

Viana He said: “The goal is to bring the cup home. It is not a financial issue. In order for us to succeed, several actions will be taken with different objectives, some to obtain information and others to obtain data. We want everything that happened in 2008/2009 to come to the surface.”

Massa’s actions previouslyFerrariBy taking legal action over the lost championship, he sparked some debate about whether a successful result for him could open the door to other controversial decisions by the federation. International Automobile Federation in F1 It has been disputed.

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The most obvious is 2021which had a controversial final stage in Abu Dhabiafter the way that International Automobile Federation It dealt with a late restart in the post-safety car race, which opened the door for the Dutchman Max Verstappenfrom Red BullSuperior to the British Mercedista Lewis Hamiltonspecifically the one who beat Massa in 2008, at a time when the Englishman was racing for McLaren.

In an interview at the 2023 Singapore GP, held this weekend Marina Bayhead of mercedes, Toto WolfHe admitted that he was interested in the 2008 Massa case. “It is interesting… and it is interesting to follow,” the Austrian said when asked. Motorsport.com.

“This was clearly not something anyone expected. The rules are very clear in F1. It is a civil case behind this. It would certainly set a precedent, whatever it may be. “We are watching from the outside with curiosity.”

Asked to clarify whether this meant a potential “challenge” for the outcome of the 2021 World Championship or not, Wolff replied: “The International Automobile Federation He commented on the 2021 race with a clear statement (in which the authority admitted the error in Abu Dhabi). That’s why we’re watching with interest.”

In a statement issued following the meeting of the International Automobile Federation’s World Motor Sports Council in March 2022, where it published its report on the events of the championship. 2021 Abu Dhabi GPThe International Automobile Federation admitted making mistakes.

At that time, FIA regulations stipulated that the highest authority could decide on matters International Court of Appeal Independent – and that all participants in the championship agree to abide by it, including Mercedes.

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If Massa’s legal action shows that FIA decisions can be challenged outside the authority’s jurisdiction, that could be enough to cause Mercedes To consider a further review of Abu Dhabi events in 2021. In 2022, it eventually dropped any challenges.

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