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Corinth and Caixa advance through an agreement, but ask for a new delay

Corinth and Caixa advance through an agreement, but ask for a new delay

Caixa Econômica Federal and Arena Itaquera SA, the fund responsible for the financial management of the Neo Química Arena, have submitted a further request to postpone the requested agreement between the parties. The application was granted in part by Federal Judge Ana Lucia Petri, of Federal Civil Court No. 24 in São Paulo. The my wheel He has access to the transmission.

The request from both legal divisions was that another 60 days remain for the proposed implementation by the state bank, but the judge authorized the postponement for only another 20 days.

The goal is for the parties to seek consensus and an amicable agreement to settle a debt of R$536,092,853.27 – Timão sees the debt as R$470 million.

“Both parties have reported that in recent weeks, significant progress has been made in negotiations, with some negotiation issues and internal rituals of analysis and governance by both parties awaiting deliberation,” the lawyers said in the application.

“I partially grant the defendant. I extend the suspension of the case, for the time being, for an additional period of 20 (twenty) days for negotiations between the parties with a view to amicable formation.

The adjournment request approved by the Federal Judge is the eleventh to be submitted by the Bank and the Investment Fund in a consensual manner. Previous applications were submitted in December 2019; February, July, August and November 2020; March, June, September and November 2021, as well as February 2022. So far, all have been answered by Justice.

For the first time, the request was granted within a shorter period than required. That is, at least in the expectation of the judge, Payment can be made within 20 days, not after two or three months.

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It should be noted that this agreement between Corinthians and Caixa was in place even before the club’s presidential election. across the GloboEsporte.comThe fan has learned of a possible agreement between the club and the bank which, for now, is just a possibility. There is still no black and white. As shown by the gate my wheelin September, Corinth is trying to delay the first installment until the end of 2023.

Possible deal for Dolio Montero Alves

At a press conference at the beginning of the year, President Duilio Monteiro Alves informed that there was a document and pre-agreement going through the contractual finalizations. In order to sign, however, the Corinthian representative avoided giving any kind of deadline, due to the complexity of the procedure. This was the last time he dealt with the case.

“There is a verbal agreement. I have personally participated in several meetings of the President and Vice President of Caixa, with Roberto Gavioli, our financial supervisor and he takes over. Today there is already a written document, the pre-agreement is being finalized. I give a deadline, but the main thing is to agree on what form it will be On it, it’s already done. In order for it to be signed, it depends on several situations. We are working on it daily. The conversation is good, the agreement is defined, and it is put on paper. But it is not up to Corinth only to say that it will be in a month or three months. It is a non-private high-value bank, so there are many things. The truth is, it’s on the way, but it’s not on paper. But I assure you and the fans that the agreement is in full swing and we hope to communicate with them very soon,” the president said.

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It should be noted that the termination of the debt with Odebrecht also needs the approval of the construction company. As has been shown repeatedly before my wheelShareholders’ meetings have also been postponed. research here.

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