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The 10 scariest movies according to science

The 10 scariest movies according to science

The big question horror movie fans always ask is to find out which production scares them the most. this means A story that makes the heart race, Spectators jump on the chair and then sleep with the lights on for a while.

Study of photos reveals scarier movies – according to science! On Techmundo

Image: Shutterstock/Techmundo

Thinking about these people who need horror feelings, the British research center Broadband Choices created the “Science of Horror” project. For the 2021 edition, 250 people were invited to watch 40 of the world’s scariest horror films, selected from the best social media checklists.

Participants were transferred to “Screaming rooms.” Designed specifically for cinema sessions, and connected to heart rate monitors, for several weeks, under medical and researcher supervision. The effect of the films on heart rate was measured in heartbeats and compared to the subjects’ average resting heart rate (64 beats per minute).

Entity It’s the scariest movie, according to science

The scariest movie, according to the science of fear, was Entity (2012), A film with Ethan Hawke, directed by Scott Derrickson, who previously won the title in 2020.

In the film, we follow a writer who finds a box containing old footage of crimes that appear to have been committed by a serial killer. During the investigation, he and his family become the targets of an evil supernatural entity.

The scariest movies in the world in 2023

The list of the 10 best horror films in the world for the year 2021 – according to science – included the following:

  • 10. Talk to me
  • 9. Hill House LLC
  • 8. Exorcise the evil spirit from Emily Rose
  • 7. He used to smile
  • 6. Hereditary
  • 5. Conjuration
  • 4. supernatural
  • 3. Skinamarink
  • two. Host: Be careful who you call
  • 1. Entity

Lists of the 30 best (or worst?) films in each category are available on the Broadband Choices website.

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