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Marcus Vinícius Guimarães de Lacerda e Adele Schwartz Benzaken mais um protesto contra cortes orçamentários na ciência

Scientists when withdrawing the researcher’s award: unacceptable in all respects. Bolsonaro boycotts epidemiology

Scientists express their “indignation, protest, and disavowal of the arbitrary exclusion of colleagues Adele Schwartz Benzaquin and Marcos Vinicius Guimarães de Lacerda from the list of recipients” after Jair Bolsonaro withdrew the researchers’ award against the use of chloroquine against COVID-19. They say the government is “ignoring science” and “actively boycotting” epidemiology

247 – A group of 21 scientists signed a petition against Jair Bolsonaro’s decision, which Friday (5) withdrew the National Scientific Merit awarded on Thursday (4) to researchers Marcos Vinicius Guimarães de Lacerda and Adele Schwartz Benzaquin due to positions against the use of chloroquine in the treatment of people diagnosed with Covid-19. The scientists expressed their “discontent, protest and rejection of the arbitrary exclusion To our colleagues, Adele Schwartz-Benzaquin and Marcos Vinicius Guimarães de Lacerda, from the list of recipients.

According to the memo, Jair Bolsonaro’s government is “not only ignoring science, but actively interrupting the recommendations of epidemiology and public health, and inconsistent with our scientific paths.”

“Such exclusion, unacceptable in all respects, becomes even more damning for its occurrence less than 48 hours after initial publication, in yet another clear evidence of the persecution of scientists, which constitutes a new step in the systematic attack on science and technology by the current government,” he says. Text.

“As scientists, we do not condone the way in which denial in general, the persecution of our fellow scientists, and recent cuts to federal budgets for science and technology have been used as tools to roll back the important advances made by the Brazilian scientific community in the past few decades.”

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According to the text, “As also indicated by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science, in the notes issued on 11/5/2021, the National Order of Scientific Merit, established in 1993, is the state instrument for recognizing the scientific and technical contributions of Brazilian and foreign personalities” .

“We would like to express our appreciation for the indicators of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science, two entities that have always been respected in the defense of science, technology and innovation in Brazilian society. This resignation, which saddens us, expresses our dissatisfaction with the process of destroying the university and the system of science and technology. We act consciously In order to preserve the Brazilian universities and scientific institutions, to build the process of civilization in Brazil.”

Register (in alphabetical order)

Aldo Angelo Moreira Lima (UFC)

Aldo José Gorgatti Zarbin (UFPR)

Alfredo Wagner Perno de Almeida (EU)

Anderson Stevens Leonidas Gomez (UFPE)

Angela de Luca Rebelo Wagner (PUC-RJ)

Carlos Gustavo Tam de Araujo Moreira (IMPA)

Cesar Gomez Victora (UFPel)

Claudio Landim (IMPA)

Fernando Garcia de Mello (UFRJ)

Fernando de Queiroz Cunha (University of the South Pacific)

Joao Candido Portinari (The Portinari Project)

Jose Vicente Tavares dos Santos (UFRGS)

Luiz Antonio Martinelli (University of the South Pacific)

Maria Paula Cruz Schneider (UFPA)

Marilia Oliveira Fonseca Goulart (UFAL)

Nusa Hamada (INPA)

Paulo Hilario Nascimento Saldiva (USP)

Paulo Sergio Lacerda Pirao (UFMG)

Pedro Let da Silva Dias (University of the South Pacific)

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Regina Beckleman-Marcus (University of the South Pacific)

Ronald Cintra Shellard (CBPF)

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