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Tarcisio says he is “concerned” about the financial situation of Lula’s government

Tarcisio says he is “concerned” about the financial situation of Lula’s government

According to the governor of São Paulo state, there is a risk that the country will lose the context that he described as “optimistic” for the Brazilian economy.

Governor of Sao Paulo State, Tarcisio de Freitas (Republicans) said on Friday (October 6, 2023) that “anxiety“With the financial management of a government Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). According to him, the signals sent by the Labor administration regarding increased spending could lead to an economic setback.

We have a suitable scenario [no mundo]. We cannot lose control of the financial issue, and this is the biggest risk. If you pay attention to tax issues, [o Brasil] You will do very well. If you don’t, you will suffer a setback and may lose the opportunity. I hope you take care of the tax issue. but today I became anxious. We see an increase in the deficit and public spending“, He said.

Tarcisio stated that the moment is opportune for two reasons:

  • internal – He cited the reforms undertaken by the government Jair Bolsonaro (RL) F Michel Tamer (MDB): “Brazil has seen a tremendous amount of reforms in recent years. They take time to take effect. This is what we feel today. In recent years, we have attacked the reasons for the decline in structural growth. Pension, labor, credit, financial system reforms. The volume of credit has increased “;
  • externalHe said that there is great interest in the world in clean energy and commodities, areas where, according to him, Brazil has a greater competitive advantage than most countries: We see that the world is going through severe crises and countries are searching for alternatives and partners they can rely on. Brazil is a reliable partner“.
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On Friday, Tarcisio participated in the 16th session of the Comunitas NGO Leaders Meeting, in São Paulo. In his speech, he talked about his plans for the coming year. He said he would implement a series of public-private partnerships and privatizations in 2024.


The Leaders’ Meeting is held annually and brings together a series of political and business leaders. The 2024 event focuses on the theme “Pillars of sustainable development and green economy”.

The senior editor traveled at the invitation of Comunitas.