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Susanna Naspolini was hospitalized due to infection and low immunity

Susanna Naspolini was hospitalized due to infection and low immunity

Susanna Naspolini, 49, was hospitalized for six days after becoming infected and for treatment of weakened immunity. TV Globo reporter asked to pray and chant for her to recover and be discharged from hospital soon.

In an Instagram post, the journalist stood lying on the bed in the hospital room, smiling, with a book in her hands.

“Friends, it’s been six days in the hospital! I came to the emergency room and got: Low Immunity + Opportunistic Infection = Intravenous Antibiotic. And here I am. Guess what I came to ask you: Pray, Cheer, Positive Energy! I just want to go home! Hand in hand! ‘Huh?! I’m counting on you!!'” she said in the caption.

Presenter Astrid Fontenelle left a comment for the journalist. She said, “Let’s go by faith.” Journalist Mariana Gross also wrote a letter to Susanna. He said, “Always with you, my dear. Waiting for you!”

“You don’t even have to ask. We are all with you, my dear! A series of prayers, positive energy and love vibrating there!” wrote Luisa Zwitter, correspondent for TV Globo. As actress Beth Goulart told her friend: “We continue to pray steadfastly and with strength, and we tremble for your healing. We are with you, we love you.”


Susanna, on March 23, said, He was diagnosed with cancer for the fifth time, this time in the hip bone.

At the time, she said, the disease did not regress with oral treatment, and therefore, she would start intravenous chemotherapy.

“I’m still kinda sad that I didn’t rely on this trick. I wanted to continue with my work, but it’s not what we want. I’m taking this compulsion.”

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