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Surveys show that cyberattacks with ransom demands triple during the pandemic |  Newspaper

Surveys show that cyberattacks with ransom demands triple during the pandemic | Newspaper

Colonial Pipeline of America with the largest pipeline network in North America United StateHe was the victim of a cyberattack with ransom demands, an increasingly popular method, and had to pay $ 5 million USD in Bitcoins It cannot be tracked for you to take back control of your system.

This type of attack has tripled during the pandemic, due to the increase in remote work, which makes corporate networks and systems more sensitive to cyber attacks.

A report by Chainalysis, a company that analyzes the use of cryptocurrencies in criminal transactions, explains this In 2020, there was a 311% increase in ransom demands for data hijacked, and at least $ 350 million was paid to criminal groups.

In some cases, after paying the ransom, hackers explain how they broke into the system, offer tips to fix the problem, and pledge not to attack again.

However, when the ransom is not paid, the story is different.

Hackers who broke into the Washington police system found the value the police were offering to recover stolen data too low and spread classified information about police and criminals online. It was the 26th US Public Enterprise to only be hacked in 2021.

“We need to rethink the way we fully take care of cybersecurity,” warns the director of US infrastructure security, Brandon Wells.

Or the case of the colony pipeline

The cyber attack affected one of the largest pipeline networks in the United States. Photo: Colonial Pipeline via BBC

In addition to the company, the attack also affected financially Drivers from Florida and South Carolina Over the course of the week, he witnessed pump fuel prices soaring.

The states even declared a state of emergency, leaving hundreds of gas stations in Florida and South Carolina with pumps dry.